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  Last up date : 31/08/2014
FreeVpsForex use cloud Server from IBM Company.

We use the best networking, big data solutions. Our  advantages include the industry's first Network-Within-a-Network topology for true out-of-band access,
and an easy-to-use. Full Remote-Access

VPS usually faces some down-time issues no matter how good it is, because its hardware is running as a stand-alone server. Whenever a small part gets in trouble, the entire system will go down or degrade such as harddisk, power supply, memory, etc. That will effect everyone running on that piece of hardware or everyone on the network if it is a problem from a network device.

When Cloud replaces the old VPS system, all these issues are gone with High Availability (HA) technology; which has a real-time monitoring system to monitor hardware and operating system. If something is not right, the Cloud will automatically reboot or migrate the machine to a working server in just seconds.

Email : admin@freevpsforex.com
Support Online Skype id : freevpsforex

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