How to Install an Expert Advisor on VPS ?

** The following is for expert advisors that use executables (.exe) files to install. A lot of commercial expert advisors will use this. **

Keep in mind the steps below as well as screenshots are to provide you with a general outline of what to expect. It is very unlikely that your configuration will match up 100% with every screenshot but this information should give you a base of what to expect.

1) Share the necessary drives so you view them from the VPS.

  Click options.

  Click local resources.

  Click more.


  Make sure "Drives" is checked.

  2) Copy the expert advisor .exe from your local hard drive to the VPS.

  3) Install the expert advisor in the Metatrader 4 directory.
      This is where it becomes slightly different than installing it on your local PC.

  Example: On your local PC typically you would install in the following directory:
  •   C:\Program Files\FXCM MT4 powered by BT
  C:\Program Files (x86)\FXCM MT4 powered by BT
     On the VPS is varies slightly.
     Let's say my login for the VPS is vpsuser1.

I would install in the following directory:
  C:\Documents and Settings\vpsuser1\Program Files (x86)\FXCM MT4 powered by BT
    Installing the expert advisor anywhere but this specific location will cause it not to show up properly so this point is critical before you can proceed.



  4) Once the above is complete simply open Metatrader 4 like normal and set up your charts, attach the expert to to your chart(s),
      and if you have any type of activation code  from  the vendor you purchased your expert advisor from
      make sure you put this in the inputs before proceeding.

    At this point the expert advisor should be enabled and begin trading at the next signal opportunity.



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 ***More the informations:  detail 1 , detail 2